Monday, September 25, 2017

Maori Pattern Meanings

Hook: A hooks used for catching sharks and also used for a necklace.

Koru: A Koru is a spiral shaped good luck charm for the Māori people.

Sharks Tooth: A shark's tooth is a māori necklace and a symbol for protection.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Assassin

                     The Assassin

There is a assassin using a knife and pistol. He is as fast as the wind and as stealth as a ninja. The clouds are turning black. There is a ship sinking in the sea. The assassin is hiding in the shadows. He is wearing a leather jacket and pants and has a white jacket underneath. He is shooting a ship and forcing the ship to sink. In his hand he has a knife and on his other hand he has a gun. The assassin was wearing a hoodie to cover his face. When the assassin shot the gun the bullet was as fast as the wind. The assassin was feeling good about himself and feeling sad and mad. The ship looks like a pirate ship the flag is ripped into pieces like a peeled banana. There is water splashing. He looks like he is in attack mode. The setting in this picture is in the sea with a ship and a assassin. The assassin is in disguise looking at the ship. The assassin is hovering over water like a bird. The assassin is going in attack mode and always ready for you.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ko Wai Au

Screenshot 2017-05-26 at 2.19.46 PM.pngKo Wai Au
Something about me on my paddle is playing sports, Watching YouTube and playing video games.
I like playing sports because it gets me outside and gets me excited. And I like watching YouTube and playing video games because when it is raining I can chill inside.

My favourite Youtuber is DanTDM because he is funny and likes playing games like me.

My favourite sport is Rugby because I play it everyday and I started playing when I was four years old and now I am ten years old.

I'm from New Zealand and my culture is Cook Island, Samoa and Māori. And that's why I included it on my paddle.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All About Me 2017

     All About Me
Hello my name is Orlonzo I'm 10 years old I'm a year 6. I love games like Minecraft, COD, Halo and yeah all of that stuff also sports too, like Flag, Rugby, Soccer and Basketball. My favorite YouTuber is Dan💎TDM.⬇

Image result for Dantdm logoMy favorite thing to do is to play sports outside and go and play video games. I have heaps of friends Econa, Tepa, Aura, Va’a, Lenoxx and more. Sometimes I draw because I’m really good and it is fun. I go to Rangikura School and it is cool. Also I like dancing too.

Monday, November 28, 2016

EOTC Week 24 and 25 Of November 2016

Last week was EOTC week for the Pohutukawa syndicate.  We spent two whole days doing it. The first day was the sleepover in the hall and a trip to Te Papa and on the second day we went to Te Rauparaha Arena to go to the pool.

Image result for te rauparaha
What I learned was that Te Rauparaha Arena was named     after Te Rauparaha.  Te Rauparaha was like a taniwha because he had 6 toes.  He was really good at wars because he was clever.  

The most fun thing was when we went to Te Rauparaha Arena at the pools because we got to go on the slide and on the inflatables obstacle course. It was cool because after we got to the end of it we got do anything we wanted, like doing bombs and sliding down it or jumping off.

The most challenging thing was the activity for the Te Papa trip because there were heaps of cool things but at the same time you had to do the work so that's why that was my challenging thing on my EOTC.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What Have I Done

This week I have been learning about Paralympics, Silhouette and Maths.And we have been doing Olympic silhouette art.

And thats all we have been doing this week.